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I’ve been bullet journaling for a couple of days and —


It fits in with my habits perfectly: I can be creative, meticulous, orderly, AND put everything I usually scribble on random pieces of paper together in one place. Not to mention I had fun buying stickers and pens and washi tape to use, and I can draw cute little icons for everything. And I love graph paper.

So up top is the planning I did before I purchased everything, so that I wouldn’t make too many mistakes while working on the actual bullet journal. The next 4 photos are the first 8 pages. (:

If you are interested in the bullet journal system, click HERE!

Love this!

Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.

Norman Vincent Peale (via quotethat)

its a common misconception that you need to have alot of money to start a business. This is false. You need passion, you need ideas, you need strength, courage and determination.. but money, no. No one starts off winning. They can give you $5000 and you still wont know how to manage it right. Most people will immediately go buy all these pretty things for their business that they really don’t need. Focus on the basics. What do you really need? then get creative and find a way to get. that is how you build skills. thats how you are going to make your business grow. How bad do you want it? Needing money is an excuse. What you need is a new way to think. Start small, dream big. 

(via theambitiouswoman)
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